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Landscape photography in the Lake District

Be prepared to venture off the beaten track in search of some truly inspiration shots and always check the weather before hiking up into the fells and mountains of the Lake District. And when you have had some beautiful photographs to remind you of one of the most beautiful places in England, be sure to preserve your work in a quality photo frame before giving it pride of place among the many landscape photographs on your living room wall.

The Lake District in Cumbria is famous for its lakes and fells and is one of the most beautiful parts of northern England. The area has inspired artists, poets and photographers for generations, and every year, millions of visitors come and explore the spectacular lakes and mountains that make up this stunning landscape. Some parts of the Lake District are bustling with tourists at all times, but away from the busy towns of Keswick, Windermere and Ambleside, there is much to inspire the keen landscape photographer, although some of the more photogenic spots in the Lakes do require a bit of legwork to reach.

One of the reasons the Lake District is so popular with landscape photographers is the ever-changing vista—seasons come and go, the light changes, and no one location looks the same two days running. In the winter, snow caps the fells and the mountains are starkly beautiful; in the summer, nature paints the landscape with a myriad of different hues and vast stretches of water reflect the blue sky. And even when the cloud is low and fog swirls, it is still possible to capture scenes of haunting ethereal beauty with the aid of a camera.

Where are best locations for landscape photography in the Lake District?

No matter how many times you visit the Lake District, you will always find a new view to capture with your camera. The landscape changes continually, which is one of the reasons many avid photographers come back to the Lakes, year after year.

The juxtaposition between mountain and water is one of the main attractions of the Lake District, and many of the best (and most photographed scenes) take advantage of fell and sky reflected in an expanse of glassy water—Blea Tarn is a very popular locations that features on numerous postcards of the area. Loughrigg Tarn, Derwentwater, Rannderdale and Martindale are other popular locations all worth a visit.

Hike up into the fells and you will be afforded some fantastic views across Derwentwater and Ullswater, particularly in the soft light of early morning when mist floats above the water. There are also plenty of waterfalls, bridges, crumbling dry stonewalls, and fields of buttercups and bluebells to photograph, and many of the more remote locations and smaller lakes are well worth the time it takes to reach them.

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